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An Analysis of Post-NERFA Re-integration into Society

As I pulled away from the Hudson Valley Resort on Sunday, November 10th, I knew I was leaving a changed woman. What I didn’t realize was just how changed I was.

Popping in one of the many stupendous CD’s from the plethora of talented folks I ate, drank and made merry with over the past four days, I bopped in happy oblivion. But soon, I would need gas – and that was when it happened. I began to realize something was terribly wrong. I pulled up to the……

North Eastern Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA)

I’m hitting the road, driving to New York State to hang out with a bunch’o music-lovin’ tree-huggin’ fiddle-banjo playin’ folks!  Can’t wait to get there!  Looking forward to those impromptu jam sessions that always end up happening! If you are at NERFA you can catch me here: Thursday, Nov 7th, 2013, SUZI WOLLENBERG FOLK DJ SHOWCASE […]

Its going to be a great night!

This Friday, Dec 14th at Casino Nova Scotia! Come on out!

Its going to be a great night! https://www.facebook.com/events/458551564179940/

Molson Canadian Nova Scotia Music Week Here I Come!

As you can imagine, these conference-festivals are always very quiet, formal events where everyone is on their best behaviour—uh—ya-no! There are tons of great sessions and a plethora of shows with every genre of music you can think of! I am showcasing at Captain Barss http://www.lanesprivateerinn.com/lanes-dining.html tomorrow, Friday, November 9th at 7:15PM

Death of a Hard Drive, Resurrection of Memories and the Perils of Kijiji

If you have had a computer crash, or any technological woes, this blog is for you. If you have ever sold a computer on Kijiji, I do NOT recommend reading this. Walk AWAY from the computer. If you choose to keep reading, please ensure you have a supportive circle of family and friends and a large bottle of scotch.

Listen to more music!

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