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Flying High

Flying High

About the album

When things came to a screeching halt with the death of her father the devastated the singer was sent into a low unseen before; but with the encouragement of concerned friends who pooled their finances to contribute to studio time, Ste-Croix found herself recording her first album just three weeks after the loss of her father with no previous plans to do so.  The experience was cathartic and with the dedication and expertise of producer, Craig Zurba, Bonnie chiselled out her first record, Flying High, pouring her heart and soul into her lyrics and voicing her celebration and grief for her father with an unabashed and raw emotive performance.

Selling faster than she ever dreamed Ste-Croix found herself scrambling to keep CDs in stock, gaining mainstream airplay, being signed by Sony Distribution in Germany, Switzerland and Austria; on a compilation disc by Valentine Records out of Singapore distributed in distributed in Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China and Korea and being courted by labels out of L.A., San Francisco, Vermont and Florida. The album also was in heavy rotation on commercial radio.

Her travels took her down the odd celeb shoulder-rubbing path (including earning her the ‘I’m a fan’ status from fellow-Canadian Mathew Perry-he has all her albums) and into some California dreaming- but true to her independent artist roots and grounded in her small town upbringing; after eight months of lawyers and negotiations, Ste-Croix chose to pursue music under her own steam and declined the San Francisco offer.

The album songs document a period in her life when she was healing and all the while  opening a door to what would become the single most important life-changing experience….she had become a recording artist and it was all just beginning….

Her songs are “…strong, personal, intense, introspective and spiritual all at once… Jann Arden fans take note.” Ralph Alfonso


  1. Hey!
  2. Jaded Ring
  3. Humpty
  4. The Drum
  5. Flying High
  6. Torn In Two
  7. The Other Side
  8. Why I Am
  9. River
  10. Holding Me
  11. Below The Steeple
  12. Late Night Delerium


Produced by Craig Zurba at MR&D Studios in Coquitlam, BC.

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