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Here I Am

Here I Am

About the album

In 2007 Bonnie released “Here I Am”.  Created with award winning producer, Bill Buckingham and featuring the talent of Robbie Steinnegger, Geoff Hicks, Lee Oliphant and Sue Leonard the record reeled in rave reviews from industry, critics and audiences alike.

“Here I Am is easily one of the the best albums of 2007, Period.  Here I Am (self-released) may become one of my favorite albums for  a few reasons. Her voice is very moving in the Sarah McLachlan sense, but that was a first impression.  As one takes a more intense listen to her music, one gets a better impression of her as a singer, and perhaps as a person.  When the album begins with the title track, the listener is off for a ride that is a joy to be a a part of.  She’s a woman who doesn’t like to stay around in one musical place at any given time, one song may be awash in lush keyboards, another may have crispy beats sampled and looped while a mandolin and slide guitar dance with each other, other times she may reach for the heartstrings with a country songs, as she does in “Stay” …most of her music is rootsy and organic… her voice remains  the same in any texture, sounding comfortable in each one.  There’s a confidence in her voice that is very warm, and while she may reveal lyrics that touch on uncertainty and fear, Here I Am proves that this is her on her own path, walking down fearlessly. ” John Book, Music for America.  


  1. Here I Am
  2. Berry Point Road
  3. Stay
  4. These Dreams
  5. Eddy
  6. Crazy Life of Mine
  7. Blue
  8. Stars
  9. Another Day
  10. Falling
  11. Not Myself


Produced by Bill Buckingham in The Palace Studios in Vancouver, BC.

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