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Telegram Article, St. John’s NFLD

St. John's Telegram Article Pg1

 “Folk/Pop artist Bonnie Ste-Croix (second from the left) rehearses her song “If I Could Sail” with Phil Churchill, Geraldine Hollett and Andrew Dale of The Once at Record Time Studios in St. John’s Tuesday.  Ste-Croix is travelling the country recording a song in every Province for her album “Canadian Girl.” Photo by Tara Bradbury/The Telegram”

Penguin Eggs Article: January 2012

Penguin Eggs Article Jan2012 Pg 1 (300dpi)

 “Canadian Girl can certainly be regarded as an unqualified artistic success…its 13 songs evoke the spirit and beauty of Canada’s natural and human landscape, largely without wandering into the realm of the precious and self-conscious.”  Ste-Croix is a “…born storyteller and celebrated onstage raconteur…the voluable singer (did we mention she is a wonderful vocalist) …a true Canadian Girl.” Alan Kellogg, Penguin Eggs/the folk, roots and world music magazine.

CBC Radio – Quebec (link to recorded Interview)

Denis Armstrong, Ottawa Sun

“It’s such a thorough survey of the country’s cultural geography, the government should give every new Canadian a copy.”

Serafin LaRiviere, Xtra National

“With her rich voice and evocative lyrics, Bonnie Ste-Croix is about to cement her position as one of Canada’s premier singer/songwriters with her new CD…Ste-Croix blends emotions and imagery in a way that feels both universal and intensely personal. There are subtle flavours of Canada’s varied and rich musical culture, while the overall whole remains distinctly folk and roots Canadiana.”


Tom Harrison, Vancouver Province

Vancouver Sun Article Nov 2011

“…a great album … Ste-Croix captures the character of each region. Thus, “You’ve Already Got What You Need has some thrilling aboriginal vocals by the Northwest Territories’ Leela Gilday, and the track, “Harvest,” recorded in Prince Edward Island oddly sounds like something Stompin’ Tom Connors would have done. Her best album.”

Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald, Halifax

Halifax Chronicle Herald Pg1

Ste-Croix is “…blessed with a warm, inviting alto and an intuitive feel for how the human heart works.”

Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa Citizen Scan

“Bonnie Ste-Croix’s wonderful new album, Canadian Girl, ..(has) 46 musicians featured on the album but the sound is remarkably cohesive, based on Ste-Croix’s strong melodies, thoughtful lyrics and appealing voice… the songs flow easily and naturally.”
Read full article  HERE


Bob Mersereau, CBC

 “…the songs are of strong quality throughout. In the end, it turns out to be a high-quality celebration of the folk-and-roots community of the country. “
REVIEW- CBC • East Coast Music with Bob Mersereau

Glenn Meisner, CBC Atlantic Airwaves

“The entire album is incredible. People just don’t make albums like this anymore.”
LISTEN to recorded interview by clicking HERE


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